Our Special Rooms

The Caterpillar Room (0-2 years)

In the baby room we have brightly coloured storage units set around the room filled with building blocks, shakers, rattles, jigsaws, baby Duplo, Lego, and many more interesting resources to enable toddlers to choose what they want to play with throughout the day. We have a cosy brightly coloured soft seating area next to the bookcase to encourage toddlers to look at books and an area for young babies with touch and feel dividers.
The Caterpillar Room is registered for 6 babies aged between birth and two years old and is fully air conditioned. The baby room has a variety of interesting areas for babies to crawl/walk into. The areas consist of a sensory area, ball pool area, cosy den, house corner and a soft book area. The baby room is completed with stimulating shiny reflective mobiles and flickering fairy lights that help soothe babies when falling asleep accompanied by our 'baby einstein' lullabies played at sleep time to aid babies sleeping. The babies have access to outdoor play each nursery session and are regularly taken for walks in the fresh air.

The Ladybird Room (2-3 years)

The Ladybird Room is a large bright stimulating room and is based on a spring garden theme with pretend garden fencing to separate the areas.
We have a messy area where sticking, play dough, painting, sand and water are out throughout the day. There is a Home Corner where the children can use the pretend kitchen, and dressing up costumes which encourages the children to use their imagination and promote role play.
This room is registered for 18 children and is fully air conditioned. The children have immediate access to the safe outdoor play area. We have an 'open door' policy at core times whereby children have the choice as to whether they play inside or outside. The outdoor play area has permanent plastic curtains to allow children to walk through. This retains the room temperature in winter months.

The Butterfly Room (3-5 years)

Through the garden gate of the Ladybird Room and up the stairs is the Butterfly Room for preschool children. The Butterfly Room provides the children with more advanced and structured activities working towards the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).
Your child will be given a key worker as in the Baby and Ladybird rooms to monitor your child’s progress and development in a profile tracker and is available to look through at any time.
The Butterfly Room is registered for 16 children aged between 3 and 5 years and is fully air conditioned.

New Outdoor Playground

Suspension Bridges.

Our new equipment comprises of a suspension bridge, stepping stones, and balancing beam. We have a large colourful abacus with colourful rings to encourage counting.

Hangout Hut.

We have a wooden hangout hut with a wooden bench attached to the inner side to enable children to sit outside with members of staff to enable group play, read stories and sing etc. The hangout hut is ideal shade from the sun in hot weather.
We have a planting and growing area where there are wooden benches and brightly coloured toad stools to encourage planting seeds and flowers.


The sandpit area is set in our pretend grassy area there is also a stage area where children can act and role play.
The playground is covered in bright green wet pour tarmac which has a pretend road to encourage children to ride their bikes, etc. The playground also has a number of magnetic counters, letters and numbers to enable children to play board games outside in the fresh air.

Services Overview

Welcome Pack

On your baby’s first day you will receive a welcome pack welcoming you to Fearnley Day Nursery. We will provide a basket with your baby’s name and picture to keep spare clothing, dummies, hats etc. You’re baby will also have their own nursery peg.


You will receive at the end of you’re baby’s day a baby report sheet showing the times of changed nappies and time of feeding etc. Pre-visits are very important before your baby starts nursery as this help your child settle in happily.

Promoting Physical Play.

To promote physical play we have a large colourful caterpillar tunnel which is placed on soft flooring to encourage motor skills as the children can crawl, climb, balance and look through the peep holes.

Touch Screen Computer

We have a touch screen computer with a variety of software programmes aimed towards the children’s age ranges. As in the Butterfly Room the children are encouraged to use the computer for shot periods of time.

Partnership with Parents.

As well as receiving a welcome letter informing parents of their child’s key worker etc, children from birth to thirty months receive a daily written report as well as verbal feedback.

Partnership Continued...

Each week a different child will bring home the ‘Circle Time’ letter where your child has an opportunity to bring in something special from home and talk about it in front of all the children. Parents are also informed about different topics such as planting and growing, and are encouraged to help bring things in or contribute to each topic.